Easily plan delivery routes with the ultimate reception experience

Delivery doesn't have to be complicated. RoutiGo proves that. With user-friendly software for every delivery service!

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RoutiGo driver app
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The wow moment at the door

More focus on the end-user experience: that's what RoutiGo believes in. That's why we offer the best Track & Trace available. Our delivery software not only gets your orders from A to B in an efficient and sustainable manner, but you can also make last-minute changes. Without affecting the recipient. So are you ready to extend the perfect customer journey to the door?

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Simple to use

Our software is suitable for every delivery service and every user. RoutiGo does not require you to be an expert in planning or IT.

Insight delivery process

Successful deliveries, performance per delivery driver and the cost of an average stop. We track it all for you.

The ultimate reception experience

Thanks to our real-time Track & Trace, your customer is always well informed. And you communicate in your own house style.

Personal assistance close by

Do you plan your delivery process with RoutiGo? Then you're never alone. Our superheroes are always ready to help you.

Customer Stories

Stories from our customers

With fresh groceries, the time of delivery is extremely mega-important.

Daniel Hensens, is responsible for Operations at online supermarket Crisp. At the startup Crisp, quality is key and that starts with the products and then comes back in everything. The time of delivery is simply mega important; you want to know what time your dinner will be delivered. As a rule, companies either have good planning software or they are much more focused on the customer experience piece. With RoutiGo, we now have both.

Daniel Hensens
- Crisp
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Delivery is part of the experience

Richard Nederlof is owner of Lokalist, an ordering and transportation platform for local food. Lokalist makes local food findable, orderable and deliverable for everyone. How? By connecting the supply of farmers, growers and other food makers directly with business and private buyers. Many products must be delivered fresh. That requires efficient planning and good communication with its customers. RoutiGo's software makes this possible. "Customers literally look out for our delivery drivers," Richard says.

Richard Nederlof
- Localist
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Schedule efficiently and keep customers informed at all times.

AVH Outdoor sells garden furniture - from ottomans to lounge sets - throughout the country. Whereas until two years ago the company was run by six men and women, today there are no fewer than forty employees. 'We've been working hard,' says Jasper van der Linden, manager of online marketing. 'That has resulted in considerable growth, which we see reflected not only in the number of employees but also in the number of buses we have on the road.'

Jasper van der Linden
- AVH Outdoor
Read the story of AVH Outdoor

Plan routes efficiently: plan ahead of the traffic jam and know if that extra bus is convenient.

Planning routes efficiently? Jan Willen Hoek of Froot didn't have to think long about that. Froot delivers fruit to companies. They not only pay attention to the quality of the products, but also to presentation and service. Jan Willem Hoek, co-owner of Froot: "Just putting some apples and pears somewhere doesn't make you a nice, vital employer. Every employee must have easy access and it has to look good. Moreover, we go the extra mile when it comes to service. For example, a sick colleague receives a free get well kit. And everything in the customer's house style, of course. All that fruit has to be delivered on time. This was no longer possible with Excel. Now that we work with RoutiGo, everything runs a lot smoother'.

Jan Willem Hoek
- Froot
Read the story of Froot

Everything you need for perfect delivery.

Planning dashboard

Planning dashboard

Always the correct delivery address
Easy to adjust
Optimizing thanks to data
Driver app

Driver app

Drive the right route worry-free
Customized delivery instructions
Register the delivery
Track & Trace

Track & Trace

Happy and informed recipient
Less work for your customer service department
Changes instantly visible
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That's why RoutiGo!

Over a hundred companies from different industries went before you. So our expertise reaches far. And we continuously improve the software!

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Richard Nederlof
- Localist

With this software, not only can we plan more efficiently and communicate better, we can also work smarter.

Jasper van der Linden
- AVH Outdoor

So we started using RoutiGo during the quieter period so we could test at our leisure. The implementation went well and as of March we are fully operational.

Daniel Hensens
- Crisp

At first, we were a little concerned about whether a piece of software could really deliver that combination of route planning and track & trace. It turned out that RoutiGo can do both at the same time.

Jan Willem Hoek
- Froot

What's really nice is that the RoutiGo software is good at estimating when the routes are filling up and thus when it's time to start thinking about an extra bus.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can RoutiGo help me reduce delivery costs?

Yes, with our delivery software, you need fewer planners, delivery drivers and vehicles. In addition, RoutiGo plans the most efficient routes, saving you fuel as well. Wondering how much you will save? Fill in our savings calculator .

Can I use RoutiGo to plan in other countries in the Benelux?

Yes, RoutiGo is suitable for all countries in the Benelux. 

How long does it take to get started with RoutiGo?

You can start using our delivery software within a day!

Is my data safe in RoutiGo?

Of course, your data is in safe hands with us. We are ISO 27001 certified. This means that we meet all international requirements around information security.

Is RoutiGo available in other languages?

Yes, RoutiGo can be used in Dutch, English, French and German. 

Can I try RoutiGo for free?

Yes, you can create a free trial account via the button in the menu. Request a free demo right away. We will show you all the ins and outs and discuss your needs. That way, you immediately know how best to deploy RoutiGo within your organization.

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