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In your industry, timeliness and reliability are key. Your customers have their schedules aligned with your delivery. Buyers and cooks need to have their orders complete and on time to do their jobs. So you know you have to have your delivery process well organized.

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Hospitality also during the delivery process

Delivering goods in urban areas can be a challenge for hospitality suppliers. Emission-free vehicles and limited access times complicate deliveries. Moreover, they often have to be made at specific times, which requires coordination between production and delivery.

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Lost crates?

Another problem many hospitality suppliers face is the loss of crates and carts (kegs). This can be a considerable expense. Fortunately, we can help you with these types of challenges. We have extensive experience with your industry and delivering goods in urban areas. So we understand what you deal with on a daily basis and are happy to help optimize your delivery process. We also offer solutions to prevent the loss of crates and carts.

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An example of a hospitality supplier successfully using our services is Bolscher. Our software solutions enable Bolscher to deliver efficiently and on time, even in the busy city center. Bakkerij Nollen also benefits from our services. As a result of our cooperation, Nollen now focuses entirely on its core business. Because as a catering supplier, you want to focus on hospitality and quality, right? So let us take care of the logistics, so you don't have to worry about that.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try RoutiGo for free?

You can't try RoutiGo for free, but the delivery software is cancelable monthly. And you can request a free demo first. Here we show you all the ins and outs and discuss your needs. That way, you immediately know how best to deploy RoutiGo within your organization.

Can I let customers choose time windows to have their groceries delivered?

Yes, you can let customers choose their own time windows to have their groceries delivered. RoutiGo takes the time windows into account during scheduling and plans the most efficient route. 

How accurate are the arrival times that RoutiGo predicts for my customer?

Highly accurate. Once scheduled, your customer will receive a two-hour time window and with the Track & Trace, the delivery driver can even be tracked in real time. 

I deliver from multiple locations. How does that work?

Very simple. In RoutiGo, you simply add several branches and create a suitable schedule for each location.

Are rides really efficient if customers can choose their own time window?

RoutiGo calculates the most efficient routes, taking time windows into account. It may be the case that trips do indeed become less efficient as customers choose time windows. But it does increase the chances that orders will be successfully delivered on the first delivery attempt.