In no other industry is timeliness of such importance. Your customers are literally waiting for their groceries. Arriving too late or too early causes them immediate frustration. So you know you need to get your delivery process right.

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Fresh delivery at the right time

Nothing is more complex than delivering food, such as groceries, meal boxes and pet food. Some customers want to receive the products in the morning, while others prefer to receive them in the evening. So as a company, you often have to deal with time slots. And delivering at the right time is incredibly important.

Because are your customers not at home at the time of delivery? Then this can lead to big problems. After all, delivery to the neighbors is often not possible. No, your customers need to know exactly when you are at the door. That's your main challenge.

But so there are more things to think about. For example, an important question is: Will you deliver from your stores or from one or more central points? And how does the order picking process work? That too is a crucial factor for a smooth delivery process.

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Fortunately, these challenges are not unknown to us. In fact, we've already helped many companies in your industry. With RoutiGo, we optimize your entire delivery process in no time. From then on, you not only work a lot more efficiently, you also save all kinds of costs. And you create the ultimate reception experience: thanks to Track & Trace - in your own house style - your customers are informed in real time about the status of the delivery. 

Did you know that we also offer training and workshops for your colleagues? You may have a need for these. Even though our user-friendly delivery software doesn't require you to be an expert in planning or IT. We are happy to help you. So that you can fully focus on the growth of your business and a satisfied customer base!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try RoutiGo for free?

Ja, je kunt een free trial account aanmaken via de button in het menu. Vraag meteen een gratis demo aan. Hierin laten we je alle ins en outs zien en bespreken we je wensen. Zo weet je direct hoe je RoutiGo het best inzet binnen jouw organisatie.

Can I let customers choose their own time window for us to come by?

Yes, you can let customers choose their own time windows for you to come by. RoutiGo takes the time windows into account during scheduling and plans the most efficient route. 

Are rides really efficient if customers can choose their own time window?

RoutiGo calculates the most efficient routes, taking time windows into account. It may be the case that trips do indeed become less efficient as customers choose time windows. But it does increase the chances that orders will be successfully delivered on the first delivery attempt. 

How accurate are the arrival times that RoutiGo predicts for my customer?

Highly accurate. Once scheduled, your customer will receive a two-hour time window and with the Track & Trace, the delivery driver can even be tracked in real time. 

I work with a fixed daily/regional schedule. Can I use RoutiGo for that?

Yes, that's not a problem. The routes can be optimized by region and by day.