As a logistics organization, you know that taking orders involves risk and that margins are often thin. That's why you like to invest in efficient and accurate operations. You want to avoid unnecessary risks and make sure your orders are profitable. So correct traceability of all shipments is key.

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Logistics at the highest level

With our delivery software you optimize your total logistics operation. Whether or not you work with your own drivers and use subcontractors. You keep an eye on costs and quality with ease. We run simulations in advance to determine whether an order is profitable for you. This way you know exactly what the costs per stop are and what minimum price you can ask. In addition, our dashboard gives you direct insight into the performance per delivery driver and you can easily send the recipient a real-time Track & Trace in your client's house style!

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Efficiency and correct traceability

Efficiency is super important in a bundled operation with multiple clients. So, among other things, you want to register, scan and sort shipments correctly. With our tools (including the Sort & Load app) and expertise, you optimize these processes and ensure correct traceability of all shipments. This reduces the risk of errors and increases the efficiency of your operation.

Every logistics organization is unique and has specific needs. That's why we offer all kinds of tools that fit your needs and budget. Are you curious about the possibilities? Contact us and discover how RoutiGo supports you in achieving success!

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Within your industry, we already helped many logistics organizations in the field of delivery, such as DPDgroup, Prezero, DHL and XP Couriers. Get inspired!

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Efficiënte routes, goedgevulde voertuigen met realtime tracking, bezorgers die nauwkeurig registreren en nooit meer voor een dichte deur staan én ontvangers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try RoutiGo for free?

Ja, je kunt een free trial account aanmaken via de button in het menu. Vraag meteen een gratis demo aan. Hierin laten we je alle ins en outs zien en bespreken we je wensen. Zo weet je direct hoe je RoutiGo het best inzet binnen jouw organisatie.

How do I give my clients insight as a package deliverer?

Especially for clients, we developed a supplier dashboard. This allows your client to always have insight into the delivery status of their shipments.

Can I use RoutiGo to plan in other countries in the Benelux?

Yes, RoutiGo is suitable for all countries in the Benelux. 

How many vehicles can be scheduled?

In principle, you can plan with an infinite number of vehicles. This does depend on the complexity. Think of the number of stops, vehicles and start locations. Do you have a very complex schedule? Then we are happy to discuss the possibilities with you. 

Can I plan for multiple days in RoutiGo?

Yes, you can plan for multiple days in our delivery software.