Medium and large companies

You made your company a meaningful brand, with a solidly established reputation. But of course you are still challenged every day by organizations that do things a little differently. Also in the delivery area. Because developments move fast and expectations rise. You also notice this with your customers.

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Controlled adoption

You already have a standing delivery operation and probably use route optimization tools. Still, you see opportunities in terms of cost savings and/or customer experience. After all, that customer minimally expects what "the neighbors" offer. Ok, but how do you tackle that? What is involved in a process improvement? And how does it connect to your overall ICT landscape?

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Improvement plan approach

No worries; with years of experience in IT, we understand that system adoption looks a little different for your company than it does for an SME. So we know exactly how best to support your IT department in implementing our API and Webhooks.

But before we get there, we first determine together where the areas for improvement lie. And with a simulation, we'll look at how you can save costs through different scenarios. Are you ready?

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Efficiënte routes, goedgevulde voertuigen met realtime tracking, bezorgers die nauwkeurig registreren en nooit meer voor een dichte deur staan én ontvangers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try RoutiGo for free?

Ja, je kunt een free trial account aanmaken via de button in het menu. Vraag meteen een gratis demo aan. Hierin laten we je alle ins en outs zien en bespreken we je wensen. Zo weet je direct hoe je RoutiGo het best inzet binnen jouw organisatie.

I already use other scheduling software. Is it costly to switch to RoutiGo?

No, we're happy to help you make a smooth transition. And because our delivery software is very user-friendly, anyone can get up and running with RoutiGo in no time.

Can I integrate RoutiGo with my current tools?

RoutiGo easily interfaces with many systems. Check out the available integrations here.

How does such a simulation work? How much does it cost?

During a simulation, we import your data and use it to create a schedule. This way you immediately see how many delivery drivers and cars you need. We can run the simulation for free during a demo. When requesting a demo, please let us know that you need this.

How many vehicles can be scheduled?

In principle, you can plan with an infinite number of vehicles. This does depend on the complexity. Think of the number of stops, vehicles and start locations. Do you have a very complex schedule? Then we are happy to discuss the possibilities with you. 

I work with a fixed daily/regional schedule. Can I use RoutiGo for that?

Yes, that's not a problem. The routes can be optimized by region and by day.