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Delivering products for in and around the home is no small thing. With great care, the recipient sought them out. So now it's up to you to exceed expectations. Bring the ultimate home feeling smoothly and quickly across the threshold!

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Extend your showroom to the door

It can be quite a challenge to deliver products such as furniture, (garden) plants or a washing machine. They are large in size and/or weight, so only a limited number will fit on a bus. So at least you want to avoid driving crisscrossing the country every day.

In addition, sometimes the products are not readily available in stock, nor do you just deliver them to a neighbor's house. The recipient must be at home, so good communication is important. Moreover, you must be able to prove in what condition the products were delivered. So how nice is it if the delivery man takes a picture at that moment? And your customer signs and maybe even pays on the spot? 

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Software tailored to your favorite furnishings

With years of experience, we helped many companies in your industry. So we understand what you do every day. And we know what your delivery process needs. This allows us to set up our system perfectly for you. We set up a streamlined planning and delivery process for you, taking into account the size of your products as well as the time you actually need per customer.

With RoutiGo, you easily plan your routes ahead and always with as few miles as possible. And with Track & Trace - in your own house style - you keep the recipient informed in real time of the expected arrival time. Successful delivery guaranteed! Would you also like to enable payments at the door? And a photo of the deliverer as proof of delivery? We'll take care of it!

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Efficiënte routes, goedgevulde voertuigen met realtime tracking, bezorgers die nauwkeurig registreren en nooit meer voor een dichte deur staan én ontvangers.

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  • Plannen op basis van de capaciteit per voertuig
  • Plannen met tijdvakken
  • Afleverbewijs d.m.v. foto en/of handtekening
  • De beste Track & Trace in eigen huisstijl
  • De #ultiemeontvangstbeleving

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try RoutiGo for free?

Ja, je kunt een free trial account aanmaken via de button in het menu. Vraag meteen een gratis demo aan. Hierin laten we je alle ins en outs zien en bespreken we je wensen. Zo weet je direct hoe je RoutiGo het best inzet binnen jouw organisatie.

I work with a fixed daily/regional schedule. Can I use RoutiGo for that?

Yes, that's not a problem. The routes can be optimized by region and by day.

Are rides really efficient if customers can choose their own time window?

RoutiGo calculates the most efficient routes, taking time windows into account. It may be the case that trips do indeed become less efficient as customers choose time windows. But it does increase the chances that orders will be successfully delivered on the first delivery attempt. 

Can I plan for multiple days in RoutiGo?

Yes, you can plan for multiple days in our delivery software.