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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I import routes through Excel?

Yes, you can. From Excel, save the file as a CSV file and easily import it into RoutiGo. Are you working with another system and this doesn't work? For more advanced features, we will be happy to create a custom import for you.

Can I modify a route during the ride?

Yes, you can. Note that this may change the order of stops. 

Does the planner have insight into the routes currently being driven?

Yes, the scheduler can see in the dashboard where the delivery driver is, whether stops are met on time and how much delay, if any.

Can I change an address last minute?

yes, you can. Note that this may change the order of the route. 

How is the customer kept informed of the order?

By e-mail and/or text message, your customer will receive the estimated time of arrival and the Track & Trace that allows live tracking of the delivery driver.

What phones can the Driver App be installed on?

You can use the RoutiGo Driver app on operating systems Android and iOS.