Delivery is part of the experience

Richard Nederlof
The Localist
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How do I communicate with customers about delivery times for daily luxury products and deliver on the promise of punctual delivery?


We want to keep promised delivery times and communicate them clearly to customers.


Real-time tracking of delivery drivers by customers, so customers literally see the delivery driver arrive at the appointed time.

Richard Nederlof is the owner of De Lokalist, a fast-growing startup. Through De Lokalist, people can have specialties from local suppliers delivered to their homes online. Many products need to be delivered fresh. That requires efficient planning and good communication with its customers. RoutiGo's software makes this possible. 'Customers literally look out for our delivery drivers,' says Richard.

The Lokalist makes it possible for everyone to order specialties from local suppliers online. The online supermarket combines quality products from various local entrepreneurs and delivers them to their homes in one order. Richard Nederlof, owner of De Lokalist: 'Our customers order quality. They go for good food and special products. We want to deliver these personally. The orders are part of an experience, something people look forward to. We often hear from our drivers that customers are already waiting for them. Doesn't that make everyone happy? That is why it is important that we communicate delivery times well and that we deliver the products fresh, exactly as they taste best. RoutiGo's software makes that possible.

Rapid growth requires smart solutions

'We looked carefully at the opportunities presented by the corona crisis,' Richard explains. 'We were already running this concept on a smaller scale, but quickly worked towards a new way of working. We wanted to make it possible for everyone to order local specialties online. So we sat down with retailers and expanded the concept. A month and a half later, our business was up and running, this time on a larger scale. Logistics are expensive, which requires efficient planning. Because we also sell a lot of fresh produce, the quality of delivery is paramount. We want to give our customers the right information about delivery times, so that they actually get their products delivered fresh.'

Personalized deliveries with efficient scheduling

'So we needed an efficient scheduling tool. A tool that would provide insight into the right departure times, the desired delivery times and the best routes. But also a tool with which we could communicate with customers. This way we can be sure that they are at home when the delivery driver arrives at the door. We like to deliver orders personally. You can't just deliver these products to the neighbors or put them in the shed.'

Overview on routes and times

It was important for us as a startup to find a party that thought with us. Who could offer a solution that allowed us to both efficiently plan and communicate with our customers. We found that party in RoutiGo. With RoutiGo's software, we have insight into the smartest way to manage our fleet and the right departure and arrival times. We can also now plan efficiently if a customer on the road suddenly asks if we can deliver the groceries later.'

Work smarter

'With this software, not only can we plan more efficiently and communicate better, we can work smarter. We drive with our regular drivers. But we also have peak times when we need to deploy new drivers quickly. With this software, that's no problem at all. We now give new drivers a crash course in the system and in the app. That saves us a lot of familiarisation time.'