A real-time Track & Trace only interesting for consumers? Certainly not; time is money, so business customers also find good communication about the time of visit extremely important.

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Business customers also expect fast delivery time, low delivery costs, varied delivery options and real-time Track & Trace from you. In addition, there are industry-specific requirements that you probably want to address. For example, orderers in commerce and healthcare find fast delivery most important, while delivery at a specific time is a priority for business services.

And we could go on and on. How about sustainability requirements, for example? These too are constantly increasing among corporate customers. In inner-city areas you can't even avoid emission-free delivery. So plenty of challenges! 

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How to. Plan routes with RoutiGo!

For your business customer, it is important that you communicate reliably. Our delivery software does this by using variable stop times. We measure exactly how long it takes to deliver the product to the recipient and communicate the delivery time directly to you and your customer. Guaranteed successful delivery!  

With our scheduling tools, you no longer have to worry about whether the order will fit into the vehicles. We provide feasible planning based on the capacity per vehicle. We also support scheduling with (a partial) electric fleet; very convenient in the inner city.

In addition, would you like to take a photo as proof that - and in what condition - the order was delivered? Or would you like to ask for feedback from your customer about the service? No sweat; it's all possible. With RoutiGo you are guaranteed satisfied customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have an API?

Yes, RoutiGo has an API. Curious about the possibilities? Contact us for more information.

Can I try RoutiGo for free?

Ja, je kunt een free trial account aanmaken via de button in het menu. Vraag meteen een gratis demo aan. Hierin laten we je alle ins en outs zien en bespreken we je wensen. Zo weet je direct hoe je RoutiGo het best inzet binnen jouw organisatie.