With fresh groceries, the time of delivery is extremely mega-important

Daniel Hensens
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How can I easily inform my customers correctly about the progress of their order.


Real-time visibility into the progress of our delivery process so we can inform customers on time, quickly and correctly.


Real time visibility for our customers and customer service when the order is delivered.

Daniel Hensens, is responsible for Operations at online supermarket Crisp. At the startup Crisp, quality is key and that starts with the products and then comes back in everything. The time of delivery is simply mega important; you want to know what time your dinner will be delivered. As a rule, companies either have good planning software or they are much more focused on the customer experience piece. With RoutiGo, we now have both.

Crisp is an online fresh food supermarket. 'Through a user-friendly app on your phone, you buy super fresh groceries at Crisp, purchased directly from makers and growers. You can order until 10 p.m. and your groceries will be delivered the next day. 'Our customers do like to know exactly when their groceries will be delivered,' says Daniel Hensens, COO at Crisp. 'Communicating the delivery time is mega important to us. Since we have been working with RoutiGo we have been getting compliments on both our delivery and communication during the delivery process.'

Communicating delivery time important to customers of crisp

' In the industry Crisp is in, time of delivery is just mega important,' Daniel explains. ' If my groceries come at 6 p.m. then I can use them immediately for dinner. If my order comes at 10 p.m. then I have to arrange something else for tonight.'

Understanding what time your dinner will be delivered

Daniel Hensens: "If you deliver flowers, people don't look at an hour, but you want to know what time dinner will be delivered. With RoutiGo the customer has insight into what time the groceries are delivered and whether the delivery is still on schedule. It is also nice for our own customer service to see which driver is driving where. Is everything still on schedule or do we have to call customers to tell them it will be a bit later? The combination of route planning, navigation, registration and track & trace offered by RoutiGo is just great. Our customers really appreciate the communication of the delivery time.


Hensens: "The software is also very user-friendly and even in our own house style. You don't have to download all kinds of complicated programs, it works nice and easy, without having to wade through thick manuals. That doesn't mean you can't do a lot with it. In the beginning, we were a little worried whether a piece of software could really deliver that combination of route planning and track & trace. As a rule, companies either have good planning software or they're much more on the customer experience piece. So in practice, it turned out that with RoutiGo we can do both at the same time.

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