Easily plan routes along multiple addresses

With RoutiGo, plan the most efficient routes along multiple stops in seconds instead of hours. Deliver your packages on time and see where your drivers are in real time. Whether you have five drivers driving or 50, RoutiGo will save you time and money.

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More than 100 companies use RoutiGo

Route optimization

You enter multiple addresses into the RoutiGo route planner and the optimal route is calculated for you within seconds.

Increase customer satisfaction

Inform recipients when their delivery will be delivered. The time windows are dynamic so that as time passes the recipient will see a smaller and smaller time window.

Efficient and sustainable delivery

RoutiGo's smart software calculates the most efficient stop sequence. This saves you time and gasoline, good for the environment and your wallet.

How does planning and driving work with RoutiGo?

You enter your multiple addresses in the RoutiGo route planner and the optimal route is calculated for you. You release the route at the touch of a button so that it becomes visible on the accompanying app for the driver. The app then navigates the driver along the optimal route from address to address. For each driver, the included dashboard shows you in real time where he is on the route, what time he will arrive at the next address (ETA) and because you can scan with the app you can also immediately see the status of each delivery.

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Time windows of up to 1 hour are readily achievable

Want to inform your recipients when they will receive their delivery? You can. Time windows of up to an hour are immediately achievable. The recipient immediately sees what time his or her package will be delivered. Moreover, these time windows are dynamic so that as time passes, the recipient sees an increasingly smaller time window. This saves kilometers, time and therefore money!

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Always flexibly adjust routes

Do you have a sudden emergency delivery and the routes are already ready or has a recipient indicated he is not there after all? With a few simple actions you add or remove a pickup point or an additional address. RoutiGo automatically adjusts the route.

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Why companies choose RoutiGo

Get in touch
Convenient app for drivers
Personal attention
The most efficient routes
Track & Trace
Flexibly adjusting routes
Delivery receipts
RoutiGo is user-friendly
The #ultimatereception experience for customers
Easily plan and manage multiple routes
Simply enter stops: manually, via an Excel file or linking

RoutiGo integrates with your favorite applications

You can easily integrate RoutiGo into your current workflow with the systems you already use.

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This is what our customers say

Over a hundred companies from different industries went before you. So our expertise reaches far. And we continuously improve the software!

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Richard Nederlof
- The Localist

With this software, not only can we plan more efficiently and communicate better, we can also work smarter. We drive with our regular drivers.

Jasper van der Linden
- AVH Outdoor

So we started using RoutiGo during the quieter period so we could test at our leisure. The implementation went well and as of March we are fully operational.

Daniel Hensens
- Crisp

At first, we were a little concerned about whether a piece of software could really deliver that combination of route planning and track & trace. It turned out that RoutiGo can do both at the same time.

Jan Willem Hoek
- Froot

Wat heel fijn is, is dat de RoutiGo-software goed kan inschatten wanneer de routes vollopen en wanneer het dus tijd is om over een extra bus na te gaan denken.

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Our cloud-based delivery software is suitable for both small and large businesses. From all kinds of industries. Really. Find out for yourself: schedule a free demo with one of our RoutiGo superheroes.

Simple and inexpensive delivery
Insight into your entire delivery process
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Optimizing based on reliable data